Dear Colleagues, fellow Emergency Management Professionals,

You may have seen the communications from the IAEM Canada board asking for nominations to the executive position of the IAEM Ontario Region. If you are like me and interested in the future of the emergency management profession, you probably had questions about this Ontario Region. I did, so I asked and found out thatseven Ontario emergency management professionals with good standing as membersof IAEM Canada had sent a request for the creation of this IAEM Ontario Region.

The IAEM Bylaw allows this as long as there is no existing region in the same province and as long as there are a minimum of six signatures on the request. The IAEM Canada board is now obligated to follow through on the request.

My concern is on how this will impact the profession in Ontario. I would like to have a discussion on this with as many of you as possible. I especially would like to hear the reasoning of the seven people who submitted the request. I do not know who they are and the IAEM Board respects the privacy of its members.

I am neither on the board of IAEM Canada nor OAEM although I have been active on both. While I hold a membership in both, I have no personal interest in either association, but I care for the profession. This is why I would like to invite you for a town hall meeting on the topic on January 22nd 2019, from 9am to noon, at the Century Gardens Community Centre, 340 Vodden Street East in Brampton. I know this is short term but the election for these positions has tobe done within three weeks of the request, so we have little time to discuss this. Brampton will be providing coffee and tea, with muffins and light snacks.

Please note that I will not tolerate the negative criticism of either IAEM or OAEM or any other organization for that matter including disparaging comments regarding board members, staff or executives.

To get an idea of how many people will attend, please send me a quick rsvp e-mail at

Town Hall meeting on the future of the emergency management profession in Ontario
January22, 2019, 09h00,
Century Gardens Community Centre,
340 Vodden Street East,Brampton


Alain Normand, Emergency Management Professional

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