The Emergency Management Branch of the Office of the Fire Marshal and Emergency Management (OFMEM) is pleased to announce the launch of the ‘Municipal EMPCA Online Compliance Submission Tool’.  This tool was developed by OFMEM, with the assistance of CEMCs from across the province.  The tool provides CEMCs with the ability to provide OFMEM with their annual compliance submission online, including copies of any supporting documents that they wish to provide in order to demonstrate their compliance with the annual requirements of the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act. The tool has been developed in way that is intuitive, easy to follow, and secure.

One of our goals when developing the tool was addressing the concerns we had heard expressed by municipalities about our previous (mostly paper-based) compliance process. A key priority was clarifying which information was being requested because it was mandatory for compliance, and which information was requested to help our OFMEM Field Officers provide more targeted support to communities.  A new compliance guide breaks down these requirements by section, and each page of the compliance tool links to the relevant section of the guide, and the legislation that guides it.

Additionally, the tool has been structured in a way that will make the analysis of the data provided by municipalities much easier.  What this means is that we can take the information that has been provided to us through the tool, and identify particular statistics and trends related to municipal emergency management programs.  This information will assist us in determining our program priorities, and with determining what tools and assistance municipalities need to support their programs.

So far, the feedback we’ve received is positive – CEMCs find the tool easy to use and like that certain information (like training records) are pre-populated for them.

If you have any questions about the EMCPA Municipal Compliance Tool, please contact

Chris Pittens – Program Manager, Field Operations

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