A Top Public Awareness Campaign:

Do1Thing has grown into a national program in the United States, that has helped countless community members prepare for emergencies and disasters. It has been recognized by the International Association of Emergency Managers as a top Public Awareness Campaign, and has a simple message: everyone can become prepared, using small steps each month.

From Awareness, to Intention, to Action; Do 1 Thing is a call to action.

This approach departs from our traditional ’72-hour preparedness’ message, and has succeeded in creating popular, effective messages where many emergency managers have previously fallen flat in their social media and awareness campaigns.

While we have seen some great action-focused social media campaigns for emergency preparedness from organizations across Canada, including Public Safety Canada’s flood ready program and the Toronto Hydro ‘Be Prepared’ Campaign (among others) Do1Thing has perfected the act of making preparedness accessible for everyone, including those with very few resources, disabilities, language barriers (all materials are now available in 7 languages!), and people who have trouble using traditional sources.

Critically, Do1Thing also allows the materials to be used and branded by any organization wishing to use them for their own campaigns. This is a phenomenal resource for an emergency management agency!

Here are two examples of Do1Thing social media posts:









Your Call to Action:

So why highlight the good work of Do1Thing? Well, in addition to the incredible, simple, materials and the special focus of the organization on accessible preparedness messaging, they are constantly growing and improving their reach and message.

The Ontario Association of Emergency Managers is teaming up with Do1Thing to achieve a number of exciting new initiatives:

  • ‘Canadian conversion’ of Do1Thing materials: This includes removing references to FEMA, as well as correcting American spelling and terminology.
  • French translations: We are hoping to ensure that the materials are all translated into our other official language, so all Canadians can benefit from the materials.

This will mean the materials can be utilized in Canadian Emergency preparedness campaigns, or the basis for home-grown education materials – which as we know is a key requirement of all municipal Emergency Management programs in Ontario.

To this end, we are seeking a team of editors to convert the material for a Canadian audience, for use by our EM community.

Interested? let me know at projects@oaem.ca

All you need is:

  • an email address
  • the ability to open and edit a Microsoft word document
  • A few hours between March 20-April 20 to help proof read and edit documents
  • (not required but highly useful) Fluency in reading and writing French

I’ll be setting up an online collaboration space to edit the materials in the next weeks.

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