By Monique Rollin

Today I was fortunate to provide a brief webinar for OAEM on the importance of documentation and decision making in an Emergency Operations Centre.  I want to the thank OAEM for the opportunity and for their ongoing commitment to membership professional development and generous donation to Ontario Foodbanks on my behalf.   We are facing events never experienced before that that are testing our low-frequency, high-risk, high-demand situation training where impactful decisions need to be made in real time. I was able to remind the attendees the importance of planning, training, documenting and using a scribe to capture record and retain information during these major incidents.  

As a leader in an EOC, your scribe is an appointed Incident Management Team (IMT) member who produces an accurate, chronological written record of events that support the overall incident command process. They become your partner, support your situational awareness (“knowing what is going on around us”) and do more than take notes or capture events. A scribe becomes an integral part of your team and allows you to focus on processing information and make decisions. A trained scribe will assist you to be able to articulate in court and/or an inquest the actions, intelligence, and events that led to the decisions made and the rationale behind these decisions. They are organized, flexible, self-motivated, strategic thinkers who will assist you in managing actionable items and understand how to be confident and assertive when appropriate. 

The Ontario Association of Emergency Managers is pleased to offer ongoing professional development and ongoing learning opportunities. The previous “in person” Scribe Training Program for The Emergency Operations Centre is being redeveloped for online training and I look forward to being able to come to you in an online format soon. The slide deck from the webinar can be viewed at Documentation and Decision making in the EOC. I look forward to working with OAEM and its members to support their training needs. 

Wishing you health and resilience,

Monique Rollin

Monique Rollin Consulting Solutions Inc.

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