Please see below a notice of Annual General Meeting of Members of the Ontario Association of Emergency Managers, along with a proxy voting form for members who cannot attend.

Past members whose memberships need to be renewed can do so by visiting the OAEM website and renewing online.



3:00 pm (EDT)

Greater Toronto Airports Authority (GTAA) Fire & Emergency Services Training Institute (FESTI)

2025 Courtneypark Drive East, Toronto, Ontario

for the purposes of conducting such business as must come before an annual meeting of the members

If you cannot attend the AGM, you are encouraged to complete and return this proxy. You may assign a voting member in good standing to vote on your behalf, or failing that, assign the current Secretary, Paul Hassanally, to vote on your behalf.

I, the  UNDERSIGNED, hereby confirm that I am a voting member in good standing of OAEM and appoint the following:

Secretary, Paul Hassanally

OR, I appoint the following member in good standing:

Name: _____________________________________________________

as PROXY, with power of substitution, to attend and vote for the undersigned at the above meeting for such business as may

properly come before the meeting.

I HEREBY REVOKE any PROXY previously given and confirm that should I be present, this PROXY shall be null and void.

Dated this ____________day of _____________________________, 2018.

Member’s Name: (Please Print) ______________________________________

Signature: _____________________________________________________

To be valid, this PROXY must be received no later than 12:00 noon,

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