Calling all Seasoned EM/BC Professionals, Students and Early Career Professionals! Registration for the OAEM Mentorship Program is now open! The OAEM mentorship program is now kicking off for the third time! The program is for college/university students based in Ontario who are studying in an emergency management educational program, or early career professionals based in Ontario… Continue reading

The Emergency Management Branch of the Office of the Fire Marshal and Emergency Management (OFMEM) is pleased to announce the launch of the ‘Municipal EMPCA Online Compliance Submission Tool’.  This tool was developed by OFMEM, with the assistance of CEMCs from across the province.  The tool provides CEMCs with the ability to provide OFMEM with… Continue reading

OAEM’s Professional Development Series Reinforces its Mission of Promoting, Supporting, and Enhancing the Profession of Emergency Management Mental health and the impact it can have in the operational environment took centre stage at a recent professional development session held by the Ontario Association of Emergency Managers, on November 03, 2017 at the Provincial Emergency Operations… Continue reading

The world is changing.  Just watch the news and you’ll see something new and different every day.  That means us, as BCM/DR/EM professionals, need to change as well; from our planning practices, recovery protocols and restoration activities to how we network amongst ourselves and how we get our message out to the masses. Over the… Continue reading

The City of Windsor has had its share of flooding over the past year.  Last years’ rainfall, in October of 2016, overwhelmed the municipalities’ systems.  And again last month, the City experienced flooding due to weather systems that dumped hundreds of millimeters of precipitation resulting in 1000’s of flooded basements.  Only this time, the flooding… Continue reading

As Emergency Management Professionals we are great at conducting post-incident debriefs. The tried and true: What went well? What did not go well? Opportunities for improvement? Your Board of Directors (past and present) have put in significant effort over the last several years to strengthen and grow YOUR association. We have strengthened our web and… Continue reading

Big data and analytics present myriad possibilities for emergency management specialists and first responders. Some of these benefits include understanding site-level impacts as they develop in real-time, adding value to programs such as Business Continuity, and creating intelligence to be used in the Planning Section of an Emergency Operations Centre. But what exactly is Big… Continue reading

Fresh Professional Development Topics Our Continuing Professional Development Team has been working hard to bring fresh opportunities for professional emergency managers to hone our skillsets. The first in this exciting new series will address the challenging topic of mental health in the Emergency Operations Center (EOC). Event Details: Mental Health in the EOC This event will… Continue reading

The Ontario Association of Emergency Managers (OAEM) is pleased to announce a partnership with Diversified Communications Canada (DCC), who previously presented The World Conference on Disaster Management (WCDM), to produce a new conference that will serve the needs of the greater emergency management community.  The new conference is to be delivered in Toronto, Canada, on… Continue reading