By Monique Rollin Today I was fortunate to provide a brief webinar for OAEM on the importance of documentation and decision making in an Emergency Operations Centre.  I want to the thank OAEM for the opportunity and for their ongoing commitment to membership professional development and generous donation to Ontario Foodbanks on my behalf.   We are facing events never… Continue reading

By: Dave Poole and Christina Baker When the term “pandemic” is mentioned, it garners various responses and impressions, depending on who you are. Obviously within the context of COVID-19, the word “pandemic” takes on a whole other meaning. But therein lies the crux – when you have conversations about risk, it takes on different meanings… Continue reading

By Sean Maraj As the Coronavirus pandemic progresses, there have been increasing calls from the media, and even musing from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, to invoke the Emergencies Act (EA).The Emergencies Act is a move of last resort that brings significant implications both from a civil liberties and operations standpoint.              Passed by Parliament in 1988,… Continue reading

Background  In the midst of the COVID19 pandemic, NGO Alliance of Ontario organizations will need to continue to respond to the needs of communities impacted by overland flood, wildfire, tornado, etc… The current pandemic increases risk exposure during response to NGO personnel, volunteers, clients and the public. While each respective mission remains the same for… Continue reading

By Thomas Appleyard Across Canada, public health officials are urging people who have been in Hubei province or in close contact with someone diagnosed with novel coronavirus to “self-isolate”. Words matter here. The term “self-isolate” appears to be new in the public health lexicon, replacing, at least in Canada, the term quarantine. “Self-isolate” may sound… Continue reading

By Monique Rollin In emergency management we know that critical incidents and disasters are low-frequency, high- risk, high-demand situations where impactful decisions need to be made with little time and the stakes are high. Incident Commanders, Emergency Managers and leaders in these situations have to rely on verifiable information to make decisions. The best way… Continue reading