By: Dave Poole and Christina Baker When the term “pandemic” is mentioned, it garners various responses and impressions, depending on who you are. Obviously within the context of COVID-19, the word “pandemic” takes on a whole other meaning. But therein lies the crux – when you have conversations about risk, it takes on different meanings… Continue reading

By Heather Rissanen, M.Sc. (Frontline Resilience) Rather than focusing on lifestyle restrictions due to COVID-19, let’s focus on what we can do for our health. The following are suggested to promote health and nutrition during these times of social distancing. 1. Prepare a supply of nutrition-packed foods Focus on nutrition-packed foods that remain fresh for one… Continue reading

By Dr. Lori K. Gray, C.Psych. and Amanda Plunkett, MA, RP  Courtesy Frontline Resilience 1. Inform Public health messaging during a pandemic is focused on information and assurance for the public. In contrast, first responders mentally prepare by forecasting “worst case” scenarios. Though mentally helpful, it can result in a discrepancy between how first responders and… Continue reading

By Dr. Lori K. Gray, C.Psych. and John Snider, B.Sc., B.Ed. (Frontline Resilience 1. You! This guideline is directed to those who will provide mental health support to first responders. Before you read on, appreciate this starts with you. You serve on the frontline and share the same concerns of exposure, community spread, and its implications. On… Continue reading

By Lisa Harripersad, Front Line Resilience As the impact of COVID-19 grows, your children may have some information and many questions. During this time of social distancing, school closures, changes Lisa Harripersad in work arrangements, and emphasis on hygiene, it is important that we help our children understand and manage as best they can. 1. Communicate… Continue reading

By Kristian Voycey, RN Psychotherapist, Frontline Resilience COVID-19 is a large-scale outbreak that has greatly increased morbidity and mortality over a wide geographic area with significant economic and social disruption. As a leader in the response to COVID-19 you have great potential to support dedicated frontline responders while mitigating the spread of the virus and… Continue reading

By Ali Asgary, Associate Professor, Disaster & Emergency Management, York University ( During major disaster and emergency events significant number of individuals known as Spontaneous Volunteers (SVs) offer or provide labor in an unplanned fashion. The pool of the SVs has been expanded in recent years to include not only the traditional SVs but also… Continue reading

By Sean Maraj As the Coronavirus pandemic progresses, there have been increasing calls from the media, and even musing from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, to invoke the Emergencies Act (EA).The Emergencies Act is a move of last resort that brings significant implications both from a civil liberties and operations standpoint.              Passed by Parliament in 1988,… Continue reading