Dear Colleagues, These last few months have been trying times for Ontarians and those around the world, as COVID-19 spread across the globe, and continues to do so, affecting hundreds of thousands of people. This pandemic is putting the very talented individuals and teams of the Ontario Emergency Management community into challenging situations, while testing… Continue reading

Background  In the midst of the COVID19 pandemic, NGO Alliance of Ontario organizations will need to continue to respond to the needs of communities impacted by overland flood, wildfire, tornado, etc… The current pandemic increases risk exposure during response to NGO personnel, volunteers, clients and the public. While each respective mission remains the same for… Continue reading

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NGO Alliance of Ontario Guiding Principles· Maintain a reliable, credible and respected Alliance for members, municipalities, the Province and other stakeholders to access and shareinformation· Provide NGO Executive members the opportunity to participate in the emergency response network committees and initiatives within Ontariowhere possible· Redirect calls to NGO Council members and other stakeholders for support… Continue reading

 By Jim Montgomery  The City of Ottawa, Office of Emergency Management (OEM) is responsible for the development, implementation and coordination of the City’s Emergency Management Program (EMP).  The Ottawa Emergency Management Program exceeds the legislated requirements of the Ontario Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act (EMCPA), and adheres to the internationally developed and voluntary compliance… Continue reading