Our Annual General Meeting is right around the corner. In anticipation of the election on May 15thhere are some of the candidates running for the new board. 

Lori Latendresse, MDEM, CBCA

Lori Latendresse has been working in Public Sector Health & Safety, Emergency Management and Business Continuity for over a decade. She currently works as the emergency planner and business continuity lead for Northumberland County, and is a part time Faculty member in the Emergency Management department at Fleming College.

Lori is passionate about ensuring that small and rural communities like her own, are not left out of the Emergency Management conversation, and that new EM initiatives are developed and delivered in a way that best meets the needs of the diverse communities in Ontario. Lori has been an involved member of OAEM for several years and has been an active mentor in the new professional program offered by OAEM for the past 4 years.  In 2018 Lori also volunteered her time as a moderator for DEMCON.  Lori is interested in becoming a voice on the OAEM board in order to help put the “O” into OAEM.

Patricia Martel, CEM, ABCP, Ph.D Candidate

Patricia Martel is an experienced emergency management practitioner and researcher with a passion for enhancing emergency management through the development and implementation of new research and recommended practices. She is nearing the completion of a PhD (May 2019) focused on enhancing emergency planning for schools and other facilities that host members of vulnerable populations. In addition to the PhD, she has a strong background in the sciences which has included research on natural hazards with a focus on severe weather and is an experienced storm chaser with more than 15 years of experience. Patricia has significant experience in the field of emergency management and has developed best practices in hazard identification and risk assessment, emergency planning for vulnerable groups, risk communication, and hazard monitoring protocols. She served as the Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment Officer for Emergency Management Ontario for +8 years. She was seconded to help with the refresh of the Ministry of Transportation Emergency Management Program in 2015.  Patricia now works as an Emergency Management Program Specialist with the Region of Niagara. She is a Certified Emergency Manager through the International Association of Emergency Managers and an ABCP through DRI International.

Patricia has experience working for provincial governments, the private sector and NGOs. While risk assessment is her primary passion, she has experience reviewing emergency management programs and providing recommendations that move them towards a more effective, proactive approach. She is currently the Vice President of the Canadian Risk and Hazards Network; which aims to create an environment in which the hazards research, education and emergency management practitioner communities can effectively share knowledge and innovative approaches that reduce disaster vulnerability.

Brittany Murphy, MDEM

Brittany is a recent graduate of the Disaster and Emergency Management Bachelor’s program at York University.  During her time at York University, she worked very hard with her classmates and the faculty, to develop a student association at the undergraduate level (Undergraduates of Disaster and Emergency Management) to get students access to further training and learning opportunities.  She continues to work with students and faculty to foster a community, being a part of the recently created York University Disaster and Emergency Management Alumni Network, attending guest lectures and continuing as an advisor for the undergraduate association.

From graduation, she got her first job in the field with Public Safety Canada in the Ontario Region, participating in responses for many on reserve incidents, flooding, fires, and the influx of asylum seeking individuals into Canada during the summer of 2017.  From Public Safety, she spent 7 months with Canadian Nuclear Laboratories on the Port Hope Area Initiative project as an emergency preparedness co-op student and will soon be starting a position with Environment and Climate Change Canada working on services that can be used by emergency management practitioners.

She has always had a firm grasp of the importance of working together across levels of government, between the private and public sector, and across jurisdictions; this has been observed in her classroom experiences, in her work experiences, and in the events she has attended (Fifth Regional Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction in the Americas, WCDM, DEMCON, etc).  Brittany has been serving on the interim as the Community Director for Ontario Association of Emergency Managers and would be delighted to continue on with the association.  She is dedicated to continuing to develop and foster a collaborative EM community in Ontario and would be delighted to continue serving with OAEM on the board of directors.

Katie Subbotina

My name is Katie Subbotina and it has been my pleasure to serve as an elected member of the OAEM Board of Directors for the past four years. I originally joined the organization as a student looking for a group representing the needs and the future of the Emergency Managers of Ontario. As my career grew my professional needs where changing and I was able to benefit firsthand from the great value that the association provides to its members and the profession. OAEM creates a forum for individuals entering the field to gain understanding of the profession and for existing professionals to further their knowledge, expertise and share their experience with their peers via various professional development and networking events. 

Throughout my tenure with OAEM, I held various positions with Treasurer being the most recent. As an active member of the board I thoroughly enjoyed working on a number of initiatives such as the development of the internal policies and procedures and a Mentorship Program. I have also assisted with hosting social gatherings as well as represented our organization at various community events. I am a passionate member of the Emergency Management field and it would be an honour to continue contributing my time and expertise to the growth and development of the organization.

Christina Baker, MDEM

Christina is an emergency management consultant involved with all phases of a number of strategic fire master planning studies, fire service reviews, community risk assessments and climate adaptation projects including stakeholder engagement, data collection and analysis, emergency response modelling, station location assessments, and the development of recommendations and implementation plans. She has coordinated the creation and implementation of municipal emergency and resilience related projects and has participated in the facilitation of various working groups in the risk assessment field with a variety of stakeholder. Christina has also participated in implementing measures to meet government legislature in the municipal setting, and has proactively built and maintained professional relations with business, government, and NGO stakeholders. She is passionate about emergency management and working closely with communities to towards resilience. 

She holds a Master’s degree in Disaster and Emergency Management from York University and has had the pleasure of serving on the Board of Directors as Secretary for the Ontario Association of Emergency Managers in the interim. 

Christina would like to further the association’s commitment to serving and advocating for emergency management professionals throughout all of Ontario. 

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