By Christina Baker

As members of a collective professional association it is important that our membership as well as our invested time and money translate into benefits that will directly enhance our abilities and awareness as professionals as well as benefit the communities in which we live and work. When asked about how emergency management professionals benefit from a membership with the Ontario Association of Emergency Managers (OAEM), Jason Reid (Professional Development Coordinator) responded, “The answer is in the mission”.

One of the core components of the OAEM mission “to enhance our profession by offering opportunities for professional development, advocacy, mentoring, community collaboration and networking” is professional development. Professional development is a crucial element to the emergency management profession, not only in supporting our current roles, but also as part of longer term career development and in furthering the field in which we operate.

The effectiveness of professional development requires thoughtful planning and execution and OAEM has committed itself to providing events in order to offer its members and all participants valuable learning experiences and unique opportunities that will enhance their knowledge base and skill sets.

To kick-off the New Year, OAEM and the Institution of Fire Engineers have teamed up in an effort to bring together professionals from the diverse field of emergency management to discuss barn fires emergency preparedness and recovery “After the Fire”, vehicle accidents involving livestock, the management of deadstock and emergency response. A common theme among these presentations were lessons learned, future improvement, and the release of a new initiative involving First Responder Safety.

From every incident or emergency event, there are lessons to be learned that if given attention have the potential to improve upon the outcome of the next incident. The application of lessons learned to emergency management programs, emergency exercises, and training initiatives enables us as to improve our preparedness for future scenarios, create safer communities in which we live and work as well as strengthen our abilities as emergency professionals based on our collective past experiences. The below links are the highlights from our most recent PD session.

Barn Fire

Disposing of livestock

Cattle Truck rollover

Please join us March 1st at our next event “Specialized Teams in Emergency Management” as we embark on this exciting professional development endeavour.

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