Ontario Public Service

Are you a student looking for an opportunity to build your career over the summer? Are you passionate about making a difference?

The Summer Employment Opportunities program provides students with opportunities to obtain valuable work experience, gain transferable skills, and build professional networks.

    • LEARN: Jump start your career, whether you want to learn business skills, use your French language skills, help out in a lab, or work outdoors. Put the knowledge you’ve acquired at school into action.
    • GROW: Enhance your skills and expand your network by working on projects, leading initiatives and sharing your ideas. Transfer the skills you learn to your future school and work experiences.
    • CONTRIBUTE: In addition to advancing your professional and personal skills, you will also giv back to your community. Spend your summer working to support the interests of Ontarians!

Information to assist you with the application process, including the Application Guide is available at Summer Employment Opportunities. Within your application, you will have the opportunity to identify the skills, work preferences and qualifications you have that make you a suitable candidate for this position.

This job posting represents multiple positions within different ministries and at various locations across Ontario. Certain cities may be located in distant or remote areas in Ontario and may not be accessible by public transit. Carefully review locations through Google Maps and select ONLY those cities that you are able to travel to and work in.


    • Relocation expenses and/or accommodations are not covered by ministries.
    • The number of positions to be filled is approximate and subject to change
    • Please use your legal name when applying to the job ad.

What can I expect to do in this role?

Emergency management is a growing field in both the public and private sectors.

This is your opportunity to learn about the Ontario government’s emergency management program and gain the practical work experience needed to position yourself for future career opportunities in the emergency management field.

Work Description:

As an Emergency Management Assistant, you may have the opportunity to work on some or all of the following activities:

    • Assist team members with emergency planning and special projects.
    • Conduct research, perform analysis, and input data (e.g. identifying ‘best and emerging practices’ in emergency management).
    • Assist in maintaining a functional emergency operations centre (e.g. review, testing, and exercising procedures/equipment).
    • Prepare or edit content for the program’s website and e-learning modules.
    • Plan, organize, coordinate, and manage daily assigned work.


How do I qualify?


You must meet all eligibility criteria on the first day of employment to be eligible for these positions.

    1. Student Status: All summer jobs require a “student” status. A student is defined as someone enrolled in a secondary or post-secondary institution (currently or for the fall semester) or has graduated within the past six months. If you graduated in January, you could apply for and start a summer student position in the Ontario Public Service up until June of that year.
    2. Age: You must be a minimum of 15 years of age. Due to program eligibility requirements, certain opportunities require students to be up to 24 years of age (or up to 29 years of age for a person with a disability). Certain positions require you to be a minimum of 18 years of age. You must meet all age requirements for the position by May 1, 2017.
    3. Residency: You must be a resident of Ontario during the term of employment.
    4. Work Status – Ability to Work in Canada: You much be legally entitled to work in Canada. You are also required to have a valid Social Insurance Number (SIN) upon being hired.

Communication and Interpersonal Skills

    • You apply your written communication skills to document findings, record data, and prepare a variety of documents (e.g. reports, presentations, meeting minutes, etc.).
    • You apply your customer service skills and your verbal, written, and active listening communication skills to perform reception duties, respond to phone, email, and in-person inquiries, and provide information to internal clients and/or the public.
    • You apply your initiative and interpersonal skills to work collaboratively within a multi-disciplinary team.

Technical Skills and Knowledge

    • You apply your understanding of emergency management theories, principles, and practices (e.g. business continuity planning, risk management, disaster recovery, etc.) to assist with planning and with special projects.
    • You apply your experience using Microsoft Office applications, such as Word (word processing) and Excel (spreadsheets), as well as databases, email, and the internet to conduct research and prepare a variety of documents.

Analytical and Organizational Skills

    • You apply your research and analytical skills to gather, assess, and summarize information, and develop options.
    • You use the internet and other sources to gather and aggregate data, analyze and input data findings, and summarize information.
    • You input data accurately and generate reports, paying close attention to detail.
    • You apply your discretion and sensitivity skills when working with confidential information.
    • You work independently or as part of a team; you plan, organize, and prioritize your work to meet competing deadlines.

To apply for this job please visit the following URL: https://www.gojobs.gov.on.ca/Preview.aspx?Language=English&JobID=116754 →