• Full Time
  • Toronto

Greater Toronto Airport Authority

Key Accountabilities

Reporting to the Manager, Public Safety Operations, this position is responsible for providing emergency response in accordance with the Airport Emergency Plan (ERP) and providing support in emergencies; responding to accidents, incidents, actual or attempted breaches of security, complaints and violations relating to the terminals, and groundside; conducting initial investigations, interviews, provision  of written statements, preparing reports, initiating corrective and response action; providing safety and security support through planned activity inspections for the identification of suspicious persons and/or packages; monitoring and enforcing airport operations on a 24/7 – 365 basis to ensure compliance with GTAA rules and regulations. Additionally, the position also has a Customer Service component whereby as a front-line representative they are to provide assistance to Customers as well as provide a backup role if required supporting other front-line Service Delivery personnel.

  • Maintain security and safety of the Primary Security Line
  • Foster tenant security relations to ensuring compliance to programs and regulations
  • Ensure stakeholder compliance with Transport Canada Regulations, FOD Program, Airport Traffic Directives and Canadian Aviation Security Regulations (CASRs)
  • Review and investigate Risk Management issues
  • Monitor terminal construction programs and verify Restricted Area Identification Cards (RAICs)
  • Coordinating with internal and external stakeholders regarding matters related to Airport Operations including but not limited to Paladin Security, Peel Regional Police, CATSA, CBSA, Transportation Safety Board and Transport Canada
  • Monitor compliance of protocols associated with labour issues/disputes and tenant security program to minimize operational impacts to TPIA operations
  • Assist the Ground Transportation Commissionaires by intercepting illegal commercial operators; initiating and coordinating operational Contingency Plans (i.e. cold weather, APM outage, emergency road closures on GTAA property etc.)
  • Assist the Parking and Groundside department with activities that include but not limited to: vehicles of interest, parking garage closures, parking garage or roadway traffic flow (PUDO), valet related issues, VIP activities, enforcement of the GAP-Groundside Activity Program, issuance of traffic violation tickets, commercial vehicle inspections, groundside facility and roadway inspections, overnight of third party parking contractor vendor, customer service assistance during taxi/limo peak period programs
  • Assist the Service Delivery leadership team when required to provide Customer Service support or the following areas that include but not limited to; passenger flow, USCBP metering process, CBSA PIL holding, Pre-Board Screening congestion, IRROPS support


  • Candidate must possess a post-secondary diploma or degree in police services, aviation or safety related studies
  • Candidate must have 3 years’ experience working in terminal airport operations in a Safety, Security or investigation function
  • Experience working in a 24/7 operation environment is preferred.
  • Within 3 months of appointment, the incumbent must be able to obtain: a designation as a Municipal Law Enforcement Officer (MLEO) within the City of Mississauga and an Enforcement Officer pursuant to the Traffic on Landside of Airport Regulations
  • Within thirty (30) days of appointment, the incumbent must have or be able to obtain a “DA” AVOP license.
  • Must possess a valid “G” Ontario Driver’s license
  • Must be able to obtain and retain a Transportation Security Clearance

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Within 3 months of appointment; the successful candidate must have a good understanding and knowledge of: GTAA Airport Emergency  Plan (AEP), Airport Safety Management Program (SMS), Security Incident Management Plan (SIMP), AVOP program, Incident Management System (IMS), Licensing rules, regulations, Traffic on the Land Side of Airports Regulations (TLSAR) and laws regarding and as applicable commercial vehicles systems and technology, security systems and equipment used in support of access control and monitoring functions, Toronto Pearson operations including Terminal/Groundside Operations, roles and responsibilities for Air Carriers, police/security, CATSA, tenants, concessions and passengers as they relate to airport safety and security and Customer Service Excellence. As well as knowledge of application of construction related regulations and associations
  • The successful candidate must have the ability to: prioritize during multi-incident situations; prepare detailed written reports on various types of correspondence, including presentations; prioritize and remain calm and in control during emergency situations; interpret legislation, conduct inspections, audits and investigations and assess findings to report deficiencies; perform in situations that are occasionally ambiguous and to make decisions expeditiously; resolve problems and to provide advice and direction through conflict resolution skills, and the ability to compile, assess and analyze information and determine the required action
  • The incumbent must have the knowledge and ability to interpret and apply Safety and Security Regulations and Measures (CARs, ATRs, CASRs, ASMs, Trespass to property act); and the knowledge and ability to interpret and apply GTAA safety and security standards and procedures

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