By Magda Sulzycki

COVID-19 has dealt a devastating blow to organizations around the world. While many unknowns still abound, one thing is certain: organizations and our communities at large will be forever changed. 
As we near the end of the first infection wave, now is the time to take stock of our responses to this incident, and to introduce changes to both restore operations as well as to build resiliency for the predicted second wave. To serve in this capacity, Alisha Khan and I, emergency and business continuity (EM/BC) professionals working in Ontario’s critical infrastructure, established 1033. 
1033—named after the radio code used to signal an emergency—is a network of volunteer EM/BC professionals stepping up to provide their services to select organizations, free of charge. After being matched, our professionals work collaboratively to resolve the current challenges for their assigned organizations that are no doubt facing in these trying times.Not-for-profit and social services are our current priority. These are some of the hardest hit and most in need, as they continue to serve the most vulnerable members of our communities. A collapse in their network would be catastrophic for us all, and we have the tools and skills to not only mitigate this, but also to fortify these organizations for future responses.We are inviting members of the OAEM to register for this work directly via You can reach us directly at info@1033.cawith any questions.

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