In the aftermath of any disaster, the recovery process can be long, expensive and in some cases painful. Alternatively, a successful recovery can not only see communities rebuilt but also lead to better preparation for future disaster situations. It’s been just over a year since wild fires forced the evacuation of Fort McMurray AB, and devastated many of the surrounding communities. Thanks to our friends at the SOREM workshop here are two videos focussed on the recovery process in Fort McMurray and the progress made by the Recovery Task Force. Both videos are worth watching as they showcase the extended process of recovery once the initial response is over. 

In the first video, the Chairperson of the Wood Buffalo Recovery Committee explains how the municipality established the committee by by-law and then established a task-force to carry out the work. It also features interviews with the FireSmart Specialist and Psychosocial coordinator who are part of the task force. The second video includes an interview with the task force’s Economic Development Officer, who discusses the process of recovery for local businesses and the support that the Insurance Bureau of Canada is providing to residents and businesses.

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